Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feeling Arty

Feeling Arty?

Friday, September 26, 2008

What a day?!

Maira 17th Muffin!


Missed school for the third time in 2 weeks.

Well dad is a little bit pissed

Honestly, I totally could not wake up!

Hahaa.. cos I spend most of my night up with my girls.

Nad and Ima

I want to know if its worth the effort and trip down to send the gift.

He didnt really appreciate it anyway.

Nad was telling that I should just keep it for Rob.

Not that I dont want to but I m not a free loader.

A small gratitude is suffice to pay for everything else.

Met Maira yesterday with a candle lit muffin.

It was darn last minute and i thought I definitely have to get smth for her.

And I did.

Was something small to thank her for being such a sweetheart.


May there be many birthday's to come and know that I'll love you like infinity!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is the exact reaction I have everytime it comes to Basic Science Module
However can I run away?
Darling help...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Moving On

At last I realised, he hasnt gotten over her.

A painful sight to see a painful heart to beat.

Maybe I think too much, maybe there really was nothing between us.

Its just a matter of "Maybe".

He gave me hope and took it away.

He once told me that nothing is impossible.

I m torned by the truth that speaks.

Did he ever meant what he said or was it just a saying that goes along?

How can I not be bothered when all I felt being around him was happiness?

The world is doing it again to me.


Something I said or react may have caused the distance.

But know that my words was never a lie.

Should I continue giving up or should I persue this matter?

Is it true that nothing is impossible?

You left me confuse.

The silence treat you gave me makes me hate you more and like you at the same time.

I kept thinking about you.

Maybe there is something I m fond of.

For its been months I ever felt this way.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Cheng Ho's To Kusu Island
Arty Fart W45P! Miss Ya Peeps!
Sparks of Ramadhan
Gaying 0.O

Random pictures for you random people out there! ;)

Nothing feels good than having your girlfriends around you

Honestly, I feel great!

Its always very pleasing to just hang out talked about the latest stuff happening

Yea, I dont really fancy gossiping but once it a while, its good to just unwind and

Let things run around... like bla bla bla...hehe

I wanna get a new closet!

Like real baddd lar...

So was talking to Sarina about it

She said..."Yea high time!"

Hehehe.... thats so reliable of her aye...

Caught up with Ima just this morning,

We both werent "puase-ing"...

Had strawberrry-kiwi Snapple and puffer fishy.


Then met up with Sarina bumbed into Jerina and Sansan

Was good I must say cos I got back refreshed though it was past midnight

Dad hola countless times asking me when i will be home

Got back safe dad!

I like him, but am being a turn not doing anything

If someone knows about this, dead I'll be!

Ah well, just another one of my crushes

Its a girl thing, and boy it has something got to do with you!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So things drive us crazy everyday.
Like the most littlest small things.
Why get so worked up?
Damn it all and get a grip of everything.
We can't allow such insane buggers get into our daily routine.

I much as I hate saying this, we just can't
Cos this is the way it is and its just human to be donig what we do best.
To brush it off our shoulders seems like a burden on its own.
Cos the more we try too, the more it'll eat us up!
Freak it!

I wanna go out bad but everyone seems to be drowning themselves in school!
Woke up fregging late today
No bloody soul woke me up and I have to miss the most boring module ever.
Its good in a way. Hahaa..
A lazy piece of meat I m.
All good aye ;)

Mom got back not long ago and sigh knowing I haven been to school two days just this week.
Heyy not that I choose not too alright, shit happens!
Freggit! I want to think that I could'nt care less but I actually do.
I m so darn boreddddddddd.........
I need to get involve in something this instance.

Kickboxing seems interesting huh?
Get the girl power outta me.
Making me feel all pumped up and all ready to punch some dude's face.
Those who seriously annoyed me to the very core.
People, I am still sane, just a little bugged out by some stuff.
Box like a champ!
That's gonna be meeeee!!
Loving it!

Monday, September 15, 2008


It wasnt clear what was it I am chasing
Perhaps I was as good as being confuse
Dissapointment wrapped me thick and I can hardly breath
Was it a way of God to show me things?

The taxi ride was the last thing I remembered most
Deleted everything from my inbox to my phonebook
No traces of bad memories
New ones to form
Have I always been this sad?

If this is life, then what is death?
I m losing it one after another
Is it me or is it the way things are towards me?
Give up on me already
Get a life and stop trying

There is nothing more I would want to wish for
I m all numb
All numb from the situation itself
I want to stop looking
And start loving life
Perhaps it will, sooner nor later
Carve a smile on my face

I needed nothing of anything that I was looking for before
Just things I've left behind whilst busy looking
Path to the righteous
Smell of heaven
Guide me
Love me

I need air.